Ways to Take Action

Overcoming human trafficking is too large a task for any one church, person, or organization. But by bringing our strengths and specialties together, we can collectively be far more effective. Explore the options below for how you can make a difference.

For Individuals & Groups


The power of God is magnificent and real—which is why come before the throne of our Lord before taking a single step. There are physical, emotional, and spiritual issues and needs that are beyond the realm of what systems and organizations can provide. Whether or not you can give or volunteer, everyone can pray. Our Prayer Guide will give you direction on how to pray for freedom.
Prayer Guide


First, get a GoBox and then prayerfully consider inviting others to join you as you work through the experience. This could be a bible study, friends, family, or your entire church. You’ll learn alongside believers, have memorable discussions, and hear from survivors and frontline partners. This is the place where you can get all your burning questions answered about the anti-trafficking field. Our Leader’s Guide gives you discussion questions and teaches you how to effectively lead a group experiencing the GoBox.
Get a GoBox

Volunteer With an Anti-trafficking Organization

Connect directly with anti-trafficking organizations to learn what they are doing and how you can get involved. Each organization addresses trafficking from a different angle and has various volunteer opportunities, so we encourage you to spend time learning about each organization. You can then get involved with the organization that best aligns with your preferences and skill sets.
Connect with Anti-trafficking Organizations


Your financial support makes it possible for trusted anti-trafficking partners to receive meaningful grants to move their missions forward. Partners request funding for specific initiatives through an application process, which is then reviewed through our Board before funds are disbursed.
Give Today

GoBags For Survivors

As organizations and Trusted Partners encounter survivors of human trafficking, there are immediate needs that can be fulfilled which help provide comfort and restore dignity. Freedom Church Alliance has created the GoBag project for this purpose. Volunteers can provide respite care items to fill GoBags or assist us with verifying GoBag contents before we provide them to anti-trafficking organizations. If you are interested in volunteering for these GoBag needs, please contact us for details.

Awareness & Outreach Advocates

As Freedom Church Alliance unites the Church to fight human trafficking, there are ongoing opportunities and events that we are invited to be part of as a way to educate, bring awareness, and mobilize advocates. We are looking for outgoing individuals who would be able to attend events with our team and on our behalf to highlight the work and help people engage through the GoBox, learn about our Trusted Partners, and mobilize people for the GoBag project. If you are interested in volunteering as an Outreach Advocate, please contact us for details.
Become and Awareness & Outreach Advocate

For Churches

Join the Alliance
The Alliance is made of churches called Alliance Members who stand shoulder-to-shoulder to face the human trafficking giant. Led by Christ, we are strengthened and encouraged by one another to make an impact in the anti-trafficking movement.
Join the Alliance
Form a Freedom Church Alliance Chapter in your own city
Our vision is to follow the Lord as He calls us to expand outside of Houston. The GoBox can be used nationally as a tool to educate and equip the church. Fill out the interest form below if you would like to explore the idea of starting an Alliance Chapter in your city.
Start an Alliance Chapter
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