Education Tools

Not sure where to start? We’ve got your back. Keep the following tools handy as your continue your journey in the anti-trafficking movement.
The GoBox Experience
The GoBox is a toolkit that will equip you with knowledge about human trafficking (Awareness) and empower you and your church to take the next steps toward making a difference (Action). You can go through your GoBox individually or with friends.
Prayer Guide
The power of God is magnificent and real—which is why we come before the throne of our Lord before taking a single step. Whether or not you can give or volunteer, everyone can pray. Our Prayer Guide will give you direction on how to pray for freedom.
State Guide
The State by State Guide is a list of anti-trafficking organizations, ministries, and nonprofits across the nation. This guide is by no means an exhaustive list, but rather a starting place to help people in all fifty states get involved in the local anti-trafficking efforts that already exist in their states.
Our resource library is designed to empower and educate you on various subjects related to human trafficking. The books, articles, and videos are written from various viewpoints and may not reflect a Christian worldview; however, they can be used to inform best practices—and even mistakes made—in the anti-human trafficking field.
Freedom Blog
With our hands open and eyes looking up to the heavens, we wait to hear from Him and then act and share our learnings. In the Freedom blog, you will read stories from survivors of human trafficking, learn from frontline organizations, and see how the church is making a dent in the human trafficking industry.
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