What is the GoBox?

The GoBox is a self-contained toolkit that provides helpful resources and specific guidance to empower you and your churches to become a vital part of fighting human trafficking in Houston. The GoBox will equip you with knowledge on human trafficking, empower you to take action, and connect you with organizations where you can make a difference. The GoBox will guide you through the process of education, prayer, awareness , prevention, volunteering, and activism.

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It is not enough to simply react. We must act, and we must act soon. IT STARTS WITH YOU! Register your GoBox now to get your churches, communities, and yourself involved in the movement to revolutionize Houston!

Art Acevedo, Chief of Police HPD, writes in a letter to the Alliance that he “…would like to thank you and your organization for implementing the ‘GoBox Launch’ campaign in an effort to bring forth public awareness and to assist in the fight against human trafficking.” He continues, “Educating others on how to recognize victims of human trafficking, providing the necessary skills for prevention, and offering the appropriate resources and services is a crucial component for resolving this ubiquitous modern-day slavery.”