The GoBox Experience

The GoBox is a tactile, immersive experience that will equip you with knowledge about human trafficking, empower you to take action, and connect you with organizations where you can make a difference.
The GoBox Video
The GoBox is a tactile, multimedia, immersive experience that will equip you with knowledge about human trafficking, empower you to take action, and connect you with organizations where you can make a difference. Welcome to the GoBox.

What is the GoBox Experience?

Your internet search on human trafficking might take you on an endless journey that can feel overwhelming and intimidating. Our interactive GoBox Experience gives individuals and church leaders a holistic education about trafficking. You will be guided step-by-step so you can first become deeply aware of the issue and then confidently take action to fight human trafficking. Regardless of your level of understanding of human trafficking, this book is for you. From those who are getting introduced to anti-trafficking work to field experts - everyone will learn and be inspired to start getting involved or take further action.
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Why Go Through the GoBox?
Gain a deeper understanding of human trafficking
From supply chain, to pornography, demand, prevention, intervention, and aftercare— be educated on the full spectrum related to root causes and care for survivors of trafficking through the GoBox Book, The Fight for Freedom.
Hear from anti-trafficking field experts
Gain access to video interviews, allowing you to look into the eyes of frontline experts. This gives you an engaging experience to hear directly from the lips of key players, including survivors and ministry leaders who have been in the fight for years.
Discover how you can make an impact today
Learn the different ways you can help fight trafficking—whether that's addressing demand, using your professional skill sets in ministries, doing direct outreach, increasing awareness in the community, or caring for survivors.

How to Use Your GoBox

Get your GoBox online and within two weeks, you will receive your GoBox in the mail, or you can also choose local pickup as an option during checkout.

Step 1. Register your GoBox

By registering your GoBox online, you'll get additional educational material created to enhance your learning. We will offer you new resources as they become available so you can stay up to date on the latest in the anti-trafficking space.

Step 2. Read through the "The Fight for Freedom"

Go through the "The Fight for Freedom" book individually or with others. Consider inviting others to join you in this experience. This could be a small group, bible study, family, friends, or your church.

Step 3. Go take action

At the end of each chapter is a Take the Next Steps page that shares ways you can go deeper in your education or take action. An excellent way to do this is to volunteer with anti-trafficking organizations. Explore other ways to get involved on our Ways to Take Action page.
Ways to Take Action


Register your GoBox


Read through the book


Go take action
Register your GoBox

GoBox Resources

Below, you will find a list of resources that relates to each Experience in the GoBox book The Fight for Freedom. Our recommendation is to watch the videos, listen to the podcasts, or read the books as you finish each Experience, which will further your understanding of human trafficking and how you can help.

How The GoBox Transforms Churches

  • R. H.
    "The content, the details, the photographs are done with survivors in mind who are worthy of something so beautiful. The GoBox restores dignity to survivors."
  • Chris Harrison
    Pastor, First Athens
    "The GoBox was an incredibly hope-filled tool that transformed our
    congregation. It exposed us to the difficult subject of human trafficking.
    Then it revealed ways to join with groups fighting to eradicate trafficking.
    Learning about ministries which were fighting the demand, educating the
    community, directly intervening, and helping in restorative efforts allowed
    lots of different people get involved very quickly. Our hearts were broken,
    and our church responded! Thanks for helping us to be more like Christ!"
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