Allison Hankins

Development & Operations Manager

Allison Hankins is the Development & Operations Manager at The Alliance. She is responsible for executing and implementing all of the Alliance projects and initiatives, and overseeing the day to day running of the organization. Allison is a recent graduate of Grand Valley State University in Grand Rapids, MI.

Allison is passionate about the fight against human trafficking, locally and internationally. When offered a position with the Alliance, she was thrilled for the opportunity to join that fight. Engaging the Church with this issue was just icing on the cake. She aspires to see the City of Houston raise a united fist against the injustice of human trafficking and loves being a part of that initiative.

Allison has enjoyed making Houston her home. Since moving from Michigan to Texas, she has adapted to the heat and deeply admires Tex-Mex. Allison enjoys experimental cooking, adding to her library, gardening, and travel. You will often find her at dog shelters, thrift stores, and Texas National Parks.