Prayers for the frontlines of anti-human trafficking in Houston

Elevate 61

    • Two big corporate sponsors from past two years recently dropped. In need of financial provision.
    • Prayer for a home in Northern Houston to house survivors of labor trafficking.

Love 146

    • Planning for a budget reduction in future months.
    • Maintaining effective relationships with US Survivors using technology vs. in person contact.

Elijah Rising

    • Sensing a lot are using this crisis to exit the sex industry.
    • In need of housing options for new survivors.
    • Pray for health of staff and clients.

Refuge for Women

    • For protection: Women are usually not put in a home in an area where they were trafficked; however, with the current travel restrictions they are now placing women in their home area so protection from their trafficker is a concern.
    • Protection of staff heath because they will continue to take in new women during this crisis.

Redeemed Ministries 

    • Need a new septic system for aftercare home.
    • Pray for our Sparrows (dealing with the feelings of isolation from the quarantine).
    • Pray for our direct care staff with the additional difficulties and workload due to operating in quarantine mode.

Love People Not Pixels

    • Struggling with news that Porn Hub offering free service for people staying home and what will be the outcome of that two to three months down the road.
    • Praying for revival through the families at home to leave a legacy during this downtime.
    • Prayers for LPNP to continue to receive sufficient funding to support employees and programs.
    • Prayers for Alex Gerbasi & her family, Alex was told she needs brain surgery in April that has been postponed due to COVID-19.  Jesus healed Alex in 2011.
    • Prayers for Emily Parsons and her family as Emily (a doctor on the front lines) was diagnosed positive for COVID-19.

Street Grace

    • Youth and job loss leading to people spending much more time on internet during this time.
    • Wisdom to strategically reach people at home without overwhelming them and to speak above the noise to vulnerable students.
    • Evidence of online sex buying increasing during this time.
    • Chatbot “Gracie” is monitoring and there is no decrease in attempts to purchase sex from minors.  We anticipate increased demand because more adults are online looking at free porn and more exploiters are online looked for bored youth to “make friends with.”

The Landing

    • Pray for The Landing to continue making contact through phone calls with clients and meeting physical needs of survivors—food, hygiene products, baby items, clothing, and a safe place to stay.
    • Pray for divine protection and provision for survivors who have limited access or ability to reach out for help during this time.
    • Pray for financial provision and the physical, mental, emotional, and spiritual health of our staff as they work to serve survivors each day and deliver care packages to clients each week.
    • Funding concerns.
    • Concerns that with schools being out, youth will hit the streets in prostitution.


    • Clients feeling antsy, financial concerns because they are loosing jobs so there is the concern that they will jump ship and go back into old lifestyle.
    • Sensing a connection between the increased use of video chat and pornography.  Praying that as people realize the value of true human connection over virtual methods they would see realize porn is equally as unsatisfying
    • Sensing that God is doing something big and miraculous through this time.  Where God  has seeped into the cracks, He is about to shine!
    • Food concerns for clients.

Rescue US

    • Pray for health protection for Director as she is an RN, managing this by herself and has a family at home.
    • Struggling with funding.
    • Wisdom for the girls who want to get off their medication without Dr. visit

United Against Human Trafficking 

    • Funding concerns.
    • Outreach teams can no longer go out into the fields.  They had a strong connection so pray that the trust with the community will not loose touch or be lost.
    • For understanding in telecommunications
    • Canceled upcoming city meeting on Bissonnett area which had been targeted by the city.  Now scheduled for June so pray that it happens.

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