Our Mission

The mission of the Freedom Church Alliance is to unite and mobilize local churches in our city to work alongside trusted anti-trafficking organizations to bring freedom and restoration to women, men, and children in our city.

Pray because we believe that this is the most powerful weapon we wield in the fight against evil and injustice.

Raise awareness and educate churches about trafficking.

Unite and engage the church body to most effectively use their unique skills and callings in the fight for freedom.

Work alongside trusted organizations to strengthen the anti-trafficking work  being done in our city.

Fund strategic projects with a focus on awareness, education, prevention, and aftercare.

Act as a collective, representative voice of the Church in our city.

Our Vision

  • The church in Houston united, awake and engaged.
  • Collaboration and partnership that address the problem of sex trafficking in a holistic way.
  • Trafficked survivors walking in a new identity in Jesus Christ.
  • A transformation of dark places into sanctuaries of light.
  • The end of sex trafficking in Houston and the world.

Our Strategy

  • Collaborate with churches and organizations to strategically combat sex trafficking.
  • Educate on the reality and responses to sex trafficking.
  • Engage the Church body to most effectively use their skills and callings in the fight for freedom.