Chapter 8: Go Join the Movement

“Look at the nations and watch- be utterly amazed.  For I am going to do something in your days that you would not believe, even if you were told.” — Habakkuk 1:5

If you have taken action steps in the previous chapters, you are now part of one of the largest and longest movements in world history, the abolition movement. In this way, God declares justice over humanity.

When you join a movement, what does this look like? Steve Sellers from Cru paints a picture for us:

“A familiar illustration uses an apple falling to the ground. Inside that apple are many seeds. As that apple breaks open, those seeds receive nutrients and water, and they begin to grow and sprout into another tree, producing more apples. Anyone can count the seeds in one apple, but no one can count how many apples there are yet to grow from one apple seed. That is a picture of a movement taking place organically. Think of that apple as a believer willing to go wherever God leads. He bursts forth with seeds of the gospel message.”

Take the Next Step

Give a GoBox to 2 others

Pay it forward. Continue the GoBox movement by buying one or more GoBoxes and give them to a friend, family member, or someone that you want to pass this movement onto.

Take it Further

Join our GoBox Facebook community

This group of GoBox users connects to ask questions, give feedback, and support one another. This community will provide constant support throughout your abolitionist journey.

Find us on Facebook at The GoBox Movement

  • Sign up for the Freedom Friday Alliance newsletter to receive updates about anti-trafficking events around Houston. By staying connected with us, you stay plugged in with a whole community of anti-trafficking organizations in the Houston area.
  • Join the movement by participating in demonstrations, walks, and marches. Some examples of this include the A21 March for Freedom and Human Trafficking Advocacy Day organized by Children at Risk in Austin, Texas.
  • If you are not part of a church community, please review a list of the Alliance member churches. Any of them would love to have you join them.
  • Share your knowledge with others by running your own GoBox group.  You don’t need to be an expert to teach others – having a basic knowledge and a bit of passion can go a long way.

Invite church members, friends, or family members to spark interest in joining your GoBox group!

Contact the Alliance at for a Leader’s Guide and other GoBox support resources.